There is a lock inside my heart.

After ur leave, I close my heart with the lock.

No one can go inside.

It seems very difficult to undo the lock.

Now,if someone appears in my life and loves me a lot.

Can I just open my door to accept it or keep my heart closing ?

I don't know and I don't want to figure it out.

Because the love affair is unexpectable....

Or, can I say ,love is a myth to me?

ps圖來自我新買的一本"奈良美智"的繪本封面, 我很愛他的畫喔!^__^

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  • Rubie
  • ~_~unexpextable是什麼意思~???
  • bysby
  • 筆誤...>"<
  • rubiepara
  • = ="原來如此~那我知道那是什麼意思了~哈哈<br />
  • Darjeeling
  • 喔喔<br />
    <br />
    我跟我姐跟謝阿汝之前有趣看<br />
    虛擬的愛<br />
    有他ㄉ作品 很Q
  • bysby
  • 喔 我隻道呀 好像是暑假吧 在台北什麼當代藝術館吧<br />
    我沒去我沒去 因為一整個暑假都耗在家教上~~>_______<<br />
    好不容易他來了 下次要找我要找我啦!!!!
  • black tea
  • You must open your door or you might miss your "Mr.Big"<br />
    during the time.<br />
    Merry Xmas & See u after the christmas...^^<br />
  • bysby
  • hnnn...I see...^^ thanx